Why Shutterway security gates are the best in Cape Town

Saying that Shutterway security gates are the best in Cape Town is quite a sweeping statement, but at Shutterway, we truly believe that we offer clients the best product and service. The main function of a security gate is to keep intruders out and the people and possessions behind them safe. We are confident that the security gates we install go above and beyond this simple function. Here’s why…

Custom creations

Each security gate we fit is custom made for the entrance it is there to protect. That means that no matter what the dimensions, we can provide a security gate to fit. Also,  if you would like additional louvres added to the standard design – no problem – we can make it happen.

Vertical rod supports

At Shutterway we fit our louvred security gates to fit a maximum span of 850 mm before we add extra vertical rod supports as a reinforcement. This way we feel confident that the louvres cannot be pulled apart and remain a strong, reliable barrier.

Solid fixtures

Other security gate companies may fit their gates into existing frames, but we believe that this isn’t the most solid solution. That’s why each Shutterway security gate is made in its own frame and is fixed into the brickwork. To top off the solid fitting, we use a 60 x 8 mm coach screw to secure the gate in place.

Swing gates receive dead locks

Lock on security gates for doors that need protecting

Not only are the louvres of our swing gates sturdy, the locks we use on them are too. On our swing gates we fit a Fiam dead lock. The dead lock shoots out two, 20 mm pins on a single turn.

Welded-on lock tabs

To give each gate’s lock that extra bit of protection, we weld on lock tabs on both the gate and the lock post. This means that the lock is sandwiched between steel when the security gate is shut, making it difficult for would-be intruders to get to the lock.

Electronic locks

On request we can fit your security gate with an electronic lock, and can even include remote operation with it.

Steel security

Each security gate is fitted with a steel frame and solid steel louvres which undergo a five-stage chemical treatment. After the series of treatments, the gate is coated with a baked-on zinc rust protective coating.

Choice of configuration

Security gate and window

We offer a range of configurations to suit the requirements of your entrance. We offer the classic single swing gate, double or bi-fold swing gates, multiple-folding panels, and sliding panel configurations.

Range of colours

Even though our standard colours are matt white, grey white, grey traffic, matt silk grey, matt charcoal, matt bronze, matt chocolate brown, and matt black, at an additional charge we can source your special colour request.

No light obstruction

The louvres in our standard security gate design blocks out about 5% of natural light streaming in from outside, so you don’t have to worry about light reduction from the security gate.

Doggie doors

We can cut a section out of the security gate so that your larger pets can get through.

Guaranteed security gates

Shutterway security gates come with a guarantee. A five year guarantee is placed on all workmanship, and a ten year guarantee is placed on the ISEO locks we fit. Each unit is thoroughly rust protected, however corrosion is excluded under guarantee.

That’s why we believe our Shutterway security gates are the best in Cape Town.