Shutterway’s Home Security Checklist

1. Get Into the Mind of a Burglar!

Now, this doesn’t mean going all method and actually becoming one. It’s more about taking a step back and appraising your home security from the point-of-view of a would-be thief.

Analyse the types of burglar bars you’ve chosen; make sure there’s no overgrown shrubbery that obscures or provides a handy hiding place; and get really shifty and check for grates or vents that can be easily removed. It could even be as simple as imagining you’re locked out of your house and trying to find a way to break in!

2. The Keys to Your Castle

Ensure your hidden key is exactly that. Chances are a would-be thief has enough experience to pick out your concealed set of keys, so why not try asking a trusted to friend to guess where it is? If they find it, try again until they’re left searching your premises incredulously. And, one more thing: this might seem obvious but DO NOT put your address on any set of keys. This is an open invitation to a criminal!


Blank keys are far better for security













3. Invest in Shutterway’s Burglar Bars, Security Gates & Venetian Blinds

Shutterway’s premium range for home security is your sturdy and reliable last line of defence. We offer anything from safety gates for patio doors to security gates for sliding doors, as well as stylish burglar bars, window bars, and chic venetian blinds that will blend perfectly into any existing décor and provide light control and privacy.

“Simplicity is the essence of design. We’re all about clean, simple lines, underlying the function and sturdy fabrication of each of our custom made units.” – Co-founder, Andre Holland.


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