Shutterway’s Home Security Tips for the Festive Season

It’s been quite a year hasn’t it? All the hustle and bustle of life comes to a head in December and finally abates so that we may enjoy a well-deserved holiday with our friends and family. For many, this means leaving the comforts of home to embark on a getaway for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Of course, this also means that your home might be left unattended for a time. With this in mind, here are Shutterway’s Home Security Tips for the Festive Season:

1: Let your trusted neighbours know you’ll be away so that they can keep an eye on your home. Provide all necessary contact details too.

2: It’s a good idea to have outside locks with four lever locks or double cylinder security locks. These provide superior security should anybody attempt to enter the premises.

3: Inform your security company of your holiday as well as all key-holders in the vicinity.

4: Have Shutterway’s robust security gates and burglar bars fitted to your outer doors and windows for essential extra security.

5: Outdoor lighting, specifically those with motion sensors, are not only great deterrents but also alert your neighbours to movement on your property.


6: Halt newspaper deliveries and ask a friend or neighbour to collect your post instead. A full post box is an obvious clue that nobody is home.

7: Should you be making use of a house sitter, ensure they understand the ins-and-outs of your home and know how to use the alarm properly.

8: Don’t leave extra keys on the premises. All of your familiar hiding places should be left empty! Burglars know where to look for these.

9: Make sure your garden tools are locked away securely. These make easy objects for criminals to use when trying to break-in.

10: Before leaving, make sure to have a dummy check of all windows and doors to ensure you’ve secured every one of them.

Shutterway wishes you the very best this festive season and hopes that your time spent with loved ones is special and fulfilling – see you all in 2016!