Shutterway’s New Ultra-strong Lock Block System

Shutterway’s re-designed lock block system – not just stylish aesthetics, but ultimate security.

Shutterway’s passionate, experienced design team has been working tirelessly to ensure that our gates are not only the best looking and highest quality, but that their strength is significant when put to the test. It’s for this reason that we’ve completely redesigned our locking system to be ultra-strong, especially in the wake of the crowbar-style attacks that seem to be plaguing our neighbourhoods.

Our new “lock block” system comprises of a solid steel block that is machined into a shape allowing for our standard solid dead lock fixings and bolts to engage with. The thinking behind this design is that a tubular section would allow the lock to be bent or broken out, whereas a solid block of steel provides substantially increased resistance to any force applied to the lock.

Shutterway reinforced lock system (3)

In addition to this, and due to the specific shape of the lock block, we are able to minimize the gap between the full length lock post and the gate, thereby limiting any point for significant leverage. We aim for a 4mm gap in this position, which is not enough to fit a solid crowbar into, or anything that would give significant enough leverage to pry the lock open.

We’ve also gone ahead and fitted a market leading 400mm lock tab to both sides of our new lock construction. This effectively sandwiches the lock, protecting this reinforced position. What’s more is that any leverage that could be applied, can only be done so at a point very far from the lock position.

At the hinge side of the gate, a solid steel block is added to the construction to prevent any flex between the hinges if force is applied.

At Shutterway, we are not trying to be the fastest, nor the cheapest gate manufacturer. We are trying to be the best and most consistent high quality brand with our continual focus on functional design. This is evident in the end products we produce, and we are confident that these are the strongest gates on the market.

Please feel free to stop by our showroom or ask one of our consultants about these recent developments.

Shutterway reinforced lock system (2) Shutterway reinforced lock system (4)