Sleep is Valuable, but so is Security

Sleep. Just thinking of that word makes us long for the cosy warmth of our beds and the sweet, sweet respite of a long slumber. But for some, the thought of being out for so long dredges up fears of being vulnerable and unsafe.

With this in mind, we’ve come up with a checklist to help you rest easy at night.

Double Check You’ve Locked Up!

This is much the same as leaving your driveway and convincing yourself that the oven is still on. It’s about peace of mind really, and it extends to getting under the covers, too. You want to feel absolutely safe, so your mind is working really hard to think of reasons you’re not!

Do a full appraisal of each-and-every window and door to make sure they’re secured, and following this, makes sure all keys are stored in a safe place that intruders won’t be able to find. By storing your keys, you’re also able to see if you’ve forgotten any of them in a keyhole!













Before You Hit the Hay, Hit the Grass for a Walk-Around

Ensuring all gates and fences around the property are securely locked is a must. This also allows you to see if your electric fence is still functioning – this is an aspect of home security that can be easily overlooked. Garden tools should all be locked away and safely stored, out of reach from any would-be burglars.

Arm Your Alarm & Outdoor Security Lights

An alarm system and outdoor security lights are two of the best deterrents in your security arsenal. It’s imperative you make sure to check the outdoor lights are still in working order and to arm the alarm before going to bed. Your security lights are the first prevention, and if they fail, the loud siren song of your alarm will chase away any other prospective thieves.

A Layered Approach to Your Interior Security

Shutterway fits internal passage security gates, which effectively isolate the bedroom area from the rest of the house. It’s this layered approach to security (perimeter security, external beams, alarm system, window and door physical barriers), that form the last line of defence should any of these primary layers be overcome.

Here’s to a good night’s rest!