Ten ways to improve your home security system

Protecting your home is important and when you decide to improve your home security system you’re investing in the safety of the people and possessions that are closest to you. Here are a few ways you can do it.

1.  Avoid LED lights

Having an LED light on your alarm system may seem like a good idea to deter burglars, but often they advertise the fact that the alarm is set… and that nobody is home.

2. Get a remote activated alarm

If you invest in an alarm system that allows you to activate and de-activate the system with a remote from the outside you have the advantage of zero delay on your alarm. This means that intruders have the disadvantage of an alarm that goes off immediately, buying them no time before your security company is notified of their entry.

Remote activated alarm - home security system

3. Improve physical security

Improve your physical security by installing reliable security gates and burglar bars

Make it harder for intruders to get into your home by installing physical barriers like electric fencing, reliable security gates and burglar bars. Not only will these act as deterrents, but they’ll keep the nest safe.

Shutterway Physical Security - Home security system

4. Install security beams

If you’d like to alert your security company that an intruder is on your premises before they even reach your house, install external security beams.

5. Shed some light on the matter

There are two things that burglars can’t stand and one of them is light. If the entry points to your home are in darkness consider installing lights that illuminate these areas to deter intruders. That brings me to the second thing burglars can’t stand…

Shed some light, garden lighting - home security system

6. Get a dog

It doesn’t even have to look scary. Small dogs tend to bark a lot which is great for drawing attention to an intruder’s presence – unwanted attention. Big dogs look like they bite – need I say more?

Get a dog - home security system

7. Conceal wiring

If you can get to your current alarm system’s wiring, then so can a burglar.  If your alarm system has visible wiring, then we suggest you get an upgrade. Burglars look for places they can possibly disconnect the alarm, and if they can, they will.

Conseal Wiring - Shutterway Home Secuirty System

8. Always appear to be home

Burglars tend to strike when they think nobody is home. You can easily give the impression that someone is home by using timers to turn lights, radios and TVs on and off. If you go for this approach you’ll want to make sure the LED light on your alarm system is concealed too.

Always appear to be home - Shutterway Home Security Systems

9. Fix the faulty alarm

If you’re the owner of a faulty alarm, it isn’t doing its job of protecting your home. When neighbours often hear the sound of a faulty alarm going off, chances are that when a genuinely triggered alarm’s siren goes off, it will fall upon deaf ears. Get your alarm fixed, then head over to your neighbour’s house and let them know.

Fix the faulty alarm - Shutterway Home Security Systems

10. Layered security

Having a layered approach to your home security system is what it takes to feel confident you have a stellar security setup in place. A number of elements together provide a strong, more reliable home security system.

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