The Layered Approach

Think of your home as a box within a box. This is how Shutterway approaches security – a carefully and tactically layered deterrence starting at your home’s perimeter, moving to your doors and windows, and finally ending at your interior. The last is for the unlikely event an intruder actually makes it that far!

  • The first and smallest box: your home and its interior
  • The outer box: your home’s perimeter and garden

The Outer Box

This is the first obstacle an intruder will meet. There are a variety of options you can put in place to deter somebody. Make sure dark and remote corners of your garden are illuminated, install security cameras and motion sensors to let criminals know that you take your security seriously. A perimeter wall fitted with an electric fence will keep even the hardiest of them from taking their interest in your property any further.












The Middle Box

Our next layer is your home’s exterior and interior, and it’s here that your security budget should be concentrated. Firstly, you should ensure all plants and bushes are cleared from windows or wall corners so that your visibility is never compromised. Once that’s been taken care of, turn your attention to window and door locks.

These locks should be state-of-art and sturdy, thereby leaving nothing to chance. Following the installation of these robust latches and bolts, consider the structurally-sound and stylish security Shutterway’s premium product offers:












Window Security Solutions

Shutterway’s product consists of custom made units in a fixed louvre design, giving the appearance of blinds or shutters, with much neater aesthetics than standard burglar bars. These units provide solid security, while at the same time not detracting from your home’s aesthetics.








Stylish Security Gates

Security gates are not only a physical barrier, but are also as a visual deterrent, and Shutterway sets out to achieve this while not compromising on the aesthetics of your home. Units are all custom made from rust protected steel, and all workmanship carries a three year guarantee. Enjoy the freedom of leaving your doors open on summery days, safe behind your Shutterway Stylish Security Gate system.













Elegant, Unobtrusive Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds are ideal for providing light control and privacy. These can be installed in combination with our stylish burglar bars to ensure your home remains safe, whilst providing screening at the same time. They complement the Shutterway fixed louvre security system and are an elegant, neat alternative to curtains.

Enjoy taking your security to the layered level with Shutterway!