Tips to Make Your Children Security Conscious

It’s tempting to wrap our children in cotton wool to protect them from the big wide world outside, but is this the right decision? We at Shutterway believe that informing the youth early on creates a solid understanding of home security, as well as their own personal well-being. After all, being security conscious is the first step in prevention.

By affording them this solid foundation, personal security will become far more instinctive as the years pass. We’ve outlined four ways to help your children become more security conscious:

Home Emergency Drills

Inform your kids about important home emergency drills. These should include how to get out of the house in a fire, what to do if a stranger is in the house, or who to call in an emergency situation. By explaining these things calmly, you won’t frighten them and they’ll be able to understand the processes better. Have them perform each drill so you know they can do it.  Doing is a better learning tool than listening!


Show Them the Alarm

Children learn how to lock a door at a very young age, so why not show your kids how to use the alarm? If they’re old enough, get them into the habit of arming and disarming the alarm whenever you enter and exit your home. An easy to remember code can make it easier for the child to build this habit. This kind of responsibility will give your child confidence.

Lock Those Doors!

This is one of the easier ones, but a vital defense in the armour of home security. Create a routine of locking all doors, windows and putting on the alarm every time you leave home, or go to bed at night.

Say No to Strangers

Do not – repeat this often and over again – do not open the door to strangers.  This cardinal rule applies to strangers near your home as it does to those on the street, “Do not talk to strangers”!  Explain to your children that although home is a safe place for them, the reason it’s so safe is because your family takes safeguards by not opening doors to anybody they do no know.