How to identify trustworthy security gate companies in Cape Town

There are so many security gate companies in Cape Town, how do you know which one you can trust? With a bit of research you’ll soon be able to tell the diamonds from the diamantés.

Cape Town’s trustworthy security gate companies usually offer:


There are quite a few components which make up a strong, reliable security gate, so you should expect a guarantee on the lock, all workmanship and resistance to corrosion.

Social media presence

With platforms like Facebook and Twitter, there’s no hiding from the fury of angry customers. When a security gate company has active Facebook and Twitter profiles it shows that they are embracing open communication between past and potential clients.

Fast, professional response

A security gate company that takes your enquiry seriously is a company that is going to take the job at hand seriously. If it takes over a week for a representative to get back to you, then you’ve got to wonder if they are going to be as attentive when fitting your home’s security gates.

Security gates on display

It’s great to be able to pop into a workshop or exhibit where you’re able to see and feel the quality of the materials that are used to create the security gate. Worst case scenario, you pay a deposit for the fitting of a security gate, and when the company arrives to install it, the gate is completely different from what you expected.

Established in?

Check how long has the company been around for. If they have been around for more than five years, then chances are they’re doing something right. Word of mouth is great for business and when your clients are unhappy, they definitely tell all their family and friends which would result in a huge loss of business.

Informative website

You can tell a lot about a security gate company from their website… if they have one at all. If a company understands the need for being online, and connecting with their clients on the web, then chances are that they have taken the time to understand what their client needs from a security gate in Cape Town nowadays. Do they have a blog? Do they have a gallery of previously installed security gate units? Do they have testimonials you can read?

Award winning

There are various awards up for grabs in Cape Town’s lifestyle sector and security gate companies are in the game for winning them too. Has the security gate company you’re considering walked away with any awards recognising the product’s merits?

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