Types of Burglars & How to Guard Against Them Part II

Thanks for joining Shutterway for our on-going series dedicated to providing you the knowledge you need for home security. This week we’re focused on passive home invaders, their traits, and how to safeguard yourself against them.

Types of Burglars: Passive Home Invaders

This type of burglar is generally not aggressive towards their victims. In fact, they prefer them not to be at home at all. They’re the criminals who break your car window when it’s parked, or invade your home or office building when nobody is there. Planning isn’t the strong suit in their criminal arsenal and they tend to be more impulsive than others.

Unlike the juvenile delinquent, however, these types are older and have more experience with home invasion. They may be impulsive, but they do know their way around a garden wall or open window. They target such valuables as computers, hi-tech TVs, DVD and Blu-Ray players, tools, and jewellery. Pretty much anything they can pawn off for cash is fair game to them!

Thankfully the passive home invader is easy to deal with. They’re looking for an easy in-and-out job, so an open window, door or easily broken entry way is what they’re looking for. Do not give them this opportunity! Shutterway offers you the stylish alternative to home security with the following robust products:

























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