Types of Burglars & How to Guard Against Them

Welcome to Shutterway’s first article in an on-going series dedicated to the different types of burglars & how to guard against them.

  1. The Juvenile Delinquent

Undoubtedly the most common type of burglar, the juvenile delinquent is young, reckless, and has nothing to lose. They tend to be high school drop outs aged between 14 and 25 years old with histories of poverty, drug abuse, and familial problems.

This kind of burglar is spurred by desperation and unsatisfactory living circumstances. They’ll be on the lookout for an easy home to infiltrate as they are inexperienced and still relatively weary of being caught and punished. They tend to stay away from the more affluent or hard-to-reach areas and will focus on communities close to train stations or bus routes.

Any unlocked gates, windows, or doors will be specifically targeted. Their inexperience means they can be discouraged relatively easily if the right measures are in place.

  1. The Measures to Deter a Juvenile Delinquent Are:

Well, they’re relatively simple actually. Always ensure your doors, windows, and security gates are locked when you leave the house. Secure your valuables in an out of sight hiding place and close all curtains to obstruct beady eyes. Lastly, equip your home with Shutterway’s stylish Venetian Blinds, Security Gates, and Burglar Bars. Our robust products will go a long way to scaring off a juvenile delinquent before he’s even tried to case your home for entry points!


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