Ways Criminals Mark Your Home for Burglary

There’s no end to the ingenuity of a prospective burglar when it comes to marking the perfect home for criminality. A circulated email from the Western Cape Provincial Police Board contains very real information on ways criminals mark your home for burglary, and with what. It’s always wise to educate yourself on these matters, despite how unusual the modus operandi sounds!

Here Are the Ways Criminals Mark:

A cool drink can in front of your home is a potential marker for burglars. Specifically, a Sprite can means the coast is clear, while a Fanta can signals that robbers should be careful as it’s uncertain whether or not the homeowners are in.

A loose pile of stones informs other burglars that there are dogs on the property, while two large rocks signify that two elderly people are living in the home.

A blue and white packet (like a Clicks bag) informs robbers that the homeowner is an easy target or that somebody inside the house is willing to assist with the burglary.


Additionally, a white plastic bag stuck on a fence also means that there is an easy target on the property.

Chip packets weighed down by items and pointed towards the home tell passing criminals that the owner is currently at home. Alternatively, if it’s facing the road, the owner is not.

A more expansive tell-tale is a “Z” painted on a stop sign or a swastika painted on the road. This means that a few homes on the same street have been marked for burglary.

The circulated email also told readers to take heed of strange items in front of your home. These include cardboard boxes, bricks or tree branches, and may have been placed to trick you. Do not attempt to remove these, but call your local security company or police station instead.

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