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How much space is there between louvres?

The space between louvres varies depending on the size of the opening. The maximum amount of space is 115 mm between louvres. No matter what the spacing, there is always enough room between louvres to clean them or open a window behind it. Your cat should be able to fit between the louvres, but a person won’t.

The maximum span we can cover before using any additional vertical supports is about 850 mm wide. The vertical rod is installed as a reinforcement so that the louvres cannot be pulled apart. We do our best to align the rods with any mullions in the window wherever possible. Even with the reinforcement of the vertical rod, the design is both functional and aesthetic. The rod is based on the look of real shutters which have a rod for adjusting the louvres.

Shutterway security gates and burglar bar configurations

Can I add more louvres to a security gate or burglar bars?

Yes. All units are custom made, so if it’s additional louvres you’re after, it’s additional louvres you’ll get. Bear in mind that the more you add, the heavier the weight of the units are, and the higher the cost.

Are the louvres adjustable?

No. The louvres on our Shutterway security gates and burglar bars are fixed and designed purely for security. The idea of the louvre is to look similar to a venetian blind or shutter, offering an aesthetically pleasing alternative to regular burglar bars and expandable security gates.

Do the louvres block out the light?

No. Louvres provide very little light reduction – perhaps 5% if that. The security gates and burglar bars that we install cast elegant shadow lines on the interior of your home when the sun shines through them. You will still need to fit curtains or blinds if you require screening.

How are the units fixed?

All units are made in their own frame and are solidly fixed into the brickwork. Units that are fixed into existing frames are not as strong as fixings going into the brickwork. To ensure a solid fitting to the surface, we use a 60 x 8 mm coach screw. In window units we install a special security snap-off head that cannot be undone. The same goes for security gates where the fixings are in such a position that when the gate is closed and locked they are inaccessible. All fixings are concealed within the tubing and finished with a neat plastic grommet.

What locks are used?

Shutterway reinforced lock system (1)

Solid Two-pin lock covered by an extra length lock tab for ultimate protection against leverage

All swing gates are fitted with a Fiam deadlock. This lock shoots out two pins on a single turn, with a throw of 20 mm. All of the security gates we install come standard with 400 mm welded-on lock tabs on both the gate and the lock post. This design is successful in effectively sandwiching the lock and making it difficult for would-be intruders to get access to tamper with the lock position. The gate frame is reinforced with additional steel at the lock position, and the post incorporates a thicker steel block to receive the lock. This design is incredibly strong, and also minimizes any leverage points to prevent crowbar damage.

We confidently give this lock our security stamp of approval after having tested it in our workshop against leveraging with a crowbar. The result was that the lock withstood a sustained attack.

The lock mentioned above is not a slam lock. The key must be thrown to lock it. The slam lock option we have available for our Shutterway swing gates is the Union “pushpin” latch lock which can be locked without a key by pushing closed and manually pushing a pin, only requiring the key to open the gate. Another high-security slam lock option is the CISA Elettrika lock (which can also be linked to electrics and access control solutions or simply be key operated). Fitting the CISA Elettrika lock does come at an additional cost.

How many keys come with the security gate?

Each gate we install comes with a set of three keys. If multiple gates are being fitted, we can offer a keyed alike option where you’re able to operate all gates with the same key.

If you’d like additional keys, security profiling of cylinders or linking to a master key system, the easiest is to arrange this through a credible locksmith. Feel free to contact us for recommendations.

Are the units guaranteed?

Yes. All workmanship is guaranteed for three years. Regular cleaning, oiling and maintenance of units will drastically prolong their lifespan.

What are the security gates and burglar bars made of and how are they treated? 

All of our security gates and burglar bars are made of steel. After units are assembled, they undergo a corrosion resistant pretreatment (different applications for internal and external installations – all internal installations get a baked on zinc primer, all external installations undergo hot-dip galvanising), and are then powder coated in your colour choice.

Are the security gates and burglar bars fitted inside or outside?

From a security and weathering point of view, we prefer to fit our security gates and burglar bars inside. If your home has specific space confinements, we can fit them outside. Most front entrances have inwards opening doors, in which case the gates would be fitted outside.

How long does it take from order to installation?

Our standard turn-around time is around 21 working days after site design has taken place. This may vary depending on the size of the order and current Shutterway production levels. That being said, smaller orders normally take two to three weeks and larger orders take between three to four weeks. We always strive to deliver as soon as we possibly can!

Are units galvanized?  

As from August 2018, all externally fitted Shutterway units will be hot dip galvanized. This gives the best resistance to corrosion to ensure longevity of external panels against weathering.

Internally fitted units use a two coat process that starts with a corrosion protection coating which consists of a sprayed on, baked on, zinc rich primer. This gives good top coat adhesion as well as corrosion prevention properties to the units.

Shutterway Standard Colour Options

Shutterway’s standard colour options

What colours are the security gates and burglar bars available in?

Standard colours are all in a matt finish, and available in white, grey white, grey traffic, silk grey, charcoal, bronze and black. Our sales reps have samples of these to show you. If you have a special non-standard colour request, we can accommodate these, but depending on availability there may be an additional charge.

Do you have electronic locks and access control solutions?

Yes. We can do electronic locks fitted onto our security gates. The standard electronic lock that we use is the CISA Elettrica, which is a very high-security electric lock that can withstand up to 2 000 kg’s of force. We can fit the electric lock with remote operation. If you’re after a more complicated access control solution we can appoint a recommended third party to complete the installation if you wish.

Do you manufacture different styles?

Each and every one of our security gates and burglar bars are custom made to suit your home’s sizing requirements, but all in our registered horizontal fixed louvre style, creating clean lines and an elegant finish. Unfortunately, we do not deviate from this design – we know what looks good and that’s what we stick to!

Can you make a cut out for my dog door/cat flap?

If you have cats or small dogs about the size of a Dachshund, they shouldn’t have trouble fitting through the gaps between the louvres. For your slightly bigger pets, we can make a customised cut out for them. Bear in mind this cut-out cannot be too large, otherwise, it would compromise the security of the unit.

If I send sizing through to you, can you give me a quotation?

Certainly, if you just would like to get an idea of cost. Please send dimensions width x height. We will always need to check final site measurements if you are keen to proceed with an order. We are also happy to meet with you to show you physical samples of our products and take measurements on site, there is no cost for this and all quotations are obligation free.

What configurations are available?

Windows are generally fixtures, but we can make hinged panels as an emergency exit/fire escape if necessary. We can also make single swing gates, double or bi-fold swing gates, multiple-folding panels, and sliding panel configurations. Our sliding system utilises a unique locking mechanism with a multi-point lock, using the track only as a guide.

How secure will the gate be with the lock mechanism that’s fitted?

Very secure. For our single security gates, we use a full-length lock post and hinge post either side of the gate. Most would-be intruders try to gain access by breaking or leveraging the gate from the lock side. This is something we see all the time on gates fitted by other companies that we’ve replaced. The idea with the full-length posts is that it gives very little room to be able to leverage the gate and lock. There is very little space to get in to try to apply force to the gate. The gate frames are all reinforced at the lock position by an additional steel plate welded inside the tubing, and the lock post has a solid steel block at the lock position. We also fit a solid steel stopper between the hinges, which effectively limits gate flex when force is applied.

We use a quality lock that shoots out two pins, which is covered by a market leading 400 mm welded-on tab that covers the entire lock position on both sides, giving even more protection from tampering. We wanted to test the system ourselves, so we took it into the factory and exposed it to a sustained attack with a crowbar. The result? The lock held strong, leaving us extremely confident in it.

Our security gates and burglar bars are designed not only to be an aesthetically pleasing option but to give solid security at the same time.

Any honest security barrier manufacturer will tell you: anyone determined enough, with the right tools and amount of time, will break through any security device. We try to mitigate the common methods used, but cannot guarantee that nobody will be able to breach these barriers. Determined criminals are able to break through bank vaults! We create solutions that are both visual deterrents and strong physical barriers. We also recommend a layered security approach that combines physical barriers with external beams, perimeter fencing, good lighting, alarms and armed response.

Still have a question that isn’t answered here? Drop us an email at info@shutterway.co.za and we’ll happily shed some light on your query.