Feature Installation: Staircase Enclosure

Creating a bedroom safe zone is a good idea when it comes to securing one’s home. Getting a good nights rest is only possible when one feels safe and secure without worrying about any intruders threatening the safety of your family. Using a staircase enclosure is just one of many solutions to achieve a safe and secure area for your family if the bedroom area is upstairs.

In the current economic climate one does not necessary have the budget to secure the entire house.  Securing the bedroom area first is more cost effective and a good idea to ensure the personal safety of you and your family. Not only is this a good solution while sleeping at night, but can serve as an additional layer to protect your personal belongings when not at home.

Recently, Shutterway were presented with the task to secure the bottom of a staircase leading to the bedroom area upstairs.  The tricky part was that there were no solid wall on the one side to fix into, only a balustrade.

The solution that we presented to the client was to do away with the balustrade and replace it with a custom shaped fixed panel that would bolt into the floor and the landing slab upstairs. Making sure that the fixed panel was solid and secure was of utmost importance as the gate’s locking strength would rely on the sturdiness of the side fixed panel. It also had to follow the lines of the steps.

The below pictures show the opening before, our site design and manufacturing, and the completed unit.

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Shutterway Stylish Security Staircase Enclosure

Before: the stairway in question

Site design and during the manufacturing process

During: Site design and the manufacturing process

Shutterway Stylish Security Staircase Enclosure

After: the neat completed staircase enclosure