Home Security: Keeping Safe In The Holidays


It’s that time of the year where most of us are looking forward to a well-deserved break.  In most cases, we exchange the comfort of our home for a tent, caravan or perhaps a luxury cabin in the middle of nowhere. One thing that should be at the top of our to-do list before the packing starts, is to make sure that your home security is all in working order.

Here is a break-down of what home security checks to do before you hit the road:

Put That Alarm To The Test

Make sure to test all zones of your alarm system a few weeks before you plan to go away. Call your security company to inform them that you will be conducting a test. Arrange for a skilled technician to attend to any problems.  Inform your security company of your holiday as well as all key-holders in the vicinity.

Check Your Perimeter

One can easily forget about this very important aspect of your home security.  Take a stroll around your property to inspect fences, walls and gates. Check for damage that could allow intruders easy access to your property.

Trim Foliage

If you have an electric fence it’s a good idea to cut back any overhanging trees that could soon touch the fence and result in a false alarm. Also look out for any branches that could make it easier to climb over the wall without setting off the electric fence. Trim overgrown bushes around the house that could provide potential hiding places for criminals.

Home Security - Keeping Safe In The Holidays - Shutterway Stylish Security

Clutter-Free Postbox

Make sure to empty your postbox before you leave and ask a neighbour to collect any mail and newspaper deliveries while you are away. An overflowing postbox is the first indication that no one is at home.

Keep an Eye Out

Ask your neighbour to keep an eye on your property while you are away. Make sure they know where to get hold of you in case of an emergency. Should you be making use of a house sitter, ensure they understand the ins-and-outs of your home and know how to use the alarm properly.

Shed Some Light

Research has shown that burglars don’t favour breaking into a well-lit property, so make sure that you have outdoor lighting that switches on at night.  Outdoor lighting, specifically those with motion sensors, are not only great deterrents but also alert your neighbours to movement on your property.

Home Security - Shutterway Stylish Security - Keeping Safe In The Holidays

Lock Up

Make sure all windows and doors are securely closed and locked before you leave and don’t forget to double check the windows in children’s bedrooms and bathrooms. It’s always a good idea to cover all your windows and door openings with burglar bars and security gates.  This acts as an additional layer for security and is most likely the most important one.  A strong physical barrier, like Shutterway’s security units, is enough to make any would-be intruder think twice.

Secure Sheds & Outhouses

Sheds and Outhouses are often an extension of your home. These structures don’t generally have the best security, so make sure the rusty locks are replaced and doors are locked.  Make sure your garden tools are locked away securely. These make easy objects for criminals to use when trying to break-in.

Home Security - Shutterway Stylisg Security - Security Gates And Window Burglar Bars

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