Meet The Shutterway Team – Dwayne Burger, Sales Representative

We are very happy and excited to introduce our newest member of the Shutterway team in our instalment of Meet The Shutterway Team.  Dwayne joined the Shutterway family in May as our Sales Representative.  We asked him a couple of questions to get to know him a bit better and see what he thinks of the Shutterway culture.

Tell us a bit about yourself, your job title, background and how you started to work at Shutterway?

I am 27 years old, married for four years and have two awesome boys, two years old and one 2 weeks old. I have a BCom Marketing and Communications degree from the University of Pretoria and 6 years of sales experience. I bumped into Andre in a coffee shop and he approached me for a sales position and the rest is history.

How long have you been working at Shutterway?

Almost 3 months.

What is your impression of the company and its culture so far?

Awesome culture, a small business that feels like a family. Everyone welcomed me like I have been here for years. You can sense the pride that everyone has for the Shutterway brand and that is the basic ingredient for something great.

Can you give us a rundown of what a day on the road entails?

Firstly, make sure that I have scheduled my appointments for the day with enough travel time between each client. Meet the client on site to discuss their situation and how Shutterway can assist. This includes showing the customer samples and pictures and doing site design. My target is to see at least 5 clients a day.

Do you have any highlights that come to mind? An experience that left you thinking at the end of the day: “Yes, that’s why I do what I do!”

I had an urgent call from a customer that had just experienced a break-in and needed a security gate installed ASAP. I could just feel how afraid she was. Our amazing team managed to fabricate and install the gate in groundbreaking time and the customer was over the moon.

What aspect of your work gives you a feeling of satisfaction and why?

My answer is two-fold: One, being part of a solution to a big problem in South-African crime and second, helping a small business grow and being part of that team.

Have you met any people with interesting stories to tell?

I meet interesting people daily as every person is unique, but the most interesting to date would have to be a lady we met in Kalk Bay. She owns a property over a 100 years old. We spent over an hour chatting about history and drinking Hot Chocolate (it was a cold rainy day). It was such an interesting property with little rooms everywhere. The cherry on the cakes was that she ended up ordering four gates.

Where do you see Shutterway in the next five years, and as part of the team, how do you plan to help get the company to the next level?

I see Shutterway with a bigger factory, with a production output of three times its current output, supplying on a national basis. In control of sales, I would like to grow our partnership base with Architects, Project Managers, and Interior Designers. I have a few other tricks up my sleeve, but I won’t let it out yet…you will see the results.