At Shutterway we understand that every home’s design is unique and the functionality required for various elements within your home needs to be flexible.

That’s why we’ve made sure that our solid steel, louvred security units are available in a couple of burglar bars configurations. This means that Shutterway burglar bars have the ability to satisfy your specific needs in terms of look, feel and functionality of the various windows placed throughout your home.

At Shutterway we’re usually requested to fit fully-fixed burglar bars, where each side of the burglar proofing unit is secured into the brickwork. However, some homeowners prefer to go for burglar bars that have the ability to open (when unlocked from the inside) in case of an emergency when a window-exit is required. The good news is that we fit both types of units.

Option 1 – Shutterway burglar bars configuration

Burglar bars in bi-fold configuration

Bi-fold burglar bars

The bi-fold configuration works off a of a system where the unit’s two panels are fixed into the brickwork on one side only. Both panels hinge in the same direction and the entire unit has the ability to swing on the hinges.

Option 2 – Shutterway burglar bars configuration

Double-opening burglar bars

Burglar bars that open up outward

This type of security unit has two panels, each fixed into the brickwork and hinge out (or in) from the middle. The direction of the hinge varies from window to window depending on what makes sense both practically and aesthetically.

Option 3 – Shutterway burglar bars configuration

One fixed panel and one hinged panelBurglar bars - fixed panel and swing panel

If you would prefer to have one burglar bar panel that is completely fixed, while the other has a hinged, swing function, we can make it happen.

Option 4 – Shutterway burglar bars configuration

One fixed panel and one sliding panel

Fixed and sliding panels - burglar barsThis configuration consists of one fixed panel, and one panel that has the ability to slide open. The unit uses a top hung track system and a bottom guide off the adjacent fixed panel. The sliding panel locates into a full-length lock channel, which provides the lock mechanism with protection from a burglar’s tools.

Quality burglar bars you can trust

Each burglar bars unit fitted by Shutterway carries a three year guarantee on all workmanship and is made of rust-protected steel. The powder coated finish is available in a wide range of colours to match existing window frames or your décor requirements. These bars are a breeze to clean with no dirt collecting recesses. Here are a few other reasons we truly believe we offer the best product, service and customer care on the market…

  • Our response to enquiries is quick and professional
  • We offer an extensive portfolio gallery where potential clients can view our work
  • The Shutterway blog offers articles on safety, security and lifestyle
  • Our louvre design burglar bars and security gates walked away with the Most Innovative Product award at Decorex 2014
  • Years of experience
  • A social media presence, embracing transparency

Who are Shutterway louvre design burglar bars for?

Our Shutterway burglar bars are for residents who want to beef up their existing security with high quality, reliable burglar proofing that not only provide them with peace of mind, but with an aesthetically pleasing unit too.