Burglar bars in Cape Town

If you’re trying to find sleek, aesthetically pleasing, quality burglar bars in Cape Town, our Shutterway louvred window security is just what you’re looking for.

Quality burglar bars in Cape Town

Based in the Mother City ourselves, at Shutterway, we know what is required of a good set of burglar bars. Cape Town homes need a solid barrier that can be trusted to keep would-be intruders out, while subtly complimenting a home’s interior.

Custom-made burglar bars in Cape Town

Each set of Shutterway burglar bars is custom-made in our Cape Town workshop for your windows’ exact dimensions. Each unit is made in its own frame and is then firmly fitted across the window. The burglar bars are fixed in such a way that everything is concealed within the frame.

The strongest burglar bars in Cape Town homes

At our Cape Town coating station, each burglar bar unit receives a five-stage chemical pretreatment to prepare the steel for coating. After this treatment, each unit is coated with a baked-on zinc rust-protective coating. Let’s face it, thanks to the salty, sea breeze, when living in Cape Town, burglar bars that are made with rust-protected steel are the way to go.  The final epoxy top coat is available in a wide range of standard colours, however, if you have a special colour request, we can source it for you at an additional cost.

Pleasing to the eye

Our Shutterway window security offers an elegant, sleek burglar bar option for Capetonians. The fixed louvre design sports the clean lines of a blind or shutters, while protecting like no other fixture.

Solid Cape Town burglar bars

To ensure solid window security on even the widest window span, we install multiple vertical rods for added strength on the unit.

Burglar bars for Cape Town sunshine

Cape Town is sunny for 237 out of 365 days of the year, so you need burglar bars that aren’t going to block out this natural light. The louvre-style bars are non-adjustable and are only responsible for about 5% light reduction. If you’d like to fit Venetian blinds with the burglar bars for additional screening, you’ll be pleased to hear we can supply and fit these for you too.

Cape Town burglar bar configurations

Shutterway burglar bars offer more than one configuration to help give you the functionality you’re looking for.

Burglar bar configurations in Cape Town

While our elegant burglar bars are generally fixed, if you would like your window security to be able to open and close, we can make it happen. Often home owners prefer burglar bars that offer this functionality in case the window is needed as an emergency exit. This type of unit comes with either a hinged or sliding panel function on a portion of the window.  If the whole window requires opening panels, we can fit bi-fold or double opening solutions:

Bi-fold burglar bars

Bi-fold burglar bars are made with two panels which hinge in the same direction.

Double opening burglar bars

The double opening option  sees one panel hinging left and one panel hinging right.

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