Shutterway Single Swing Passage Gate With Push Pin Slam Lock

Why install an internal passage gate?

When considering security an internal passage gate placed in a passageway or stairwell is a good idea.  These passage gates are designed to isolate the bedroom area of the house,  creating a “safe zone” that can be locked at night-time when the family is asleep. This will ensure that no intruders would be able to access the bedrooms if they gain access to the house.

Shutterway Passage Gates 2

Although it is important to have a passage gate, nobody wants an unsightly gate inside their house that will detract from the home’s aesthetics.  With Shutterway’s elegant louvered design this does not have to be a grudge purchase.  These elegant security barriers will ensure that any internal passage gate becomes an attractive architectural feature in your home. If incorporated in the building phase, an internal gate can even be designed to slide away into a cavity when in the open position.

Shutterway Passage Sliding Gate

In the event of a home invasion when the alarm is not activated and the home is left open, an internal passage gate can also act as an extra line of defense. One can quickly close off the safe area and alert armed response, minimizing an intruder’s window of opportunity.  We recommend having your alarm control panel and emergency buttons positioned on the safe side of the passage gate.

Shutterway Swing Passage Gate In White

Depending on the space requirements of your specific passageway, we could manufacture either a swing gate, sliding gate, or a bi-fold gate to secure an internal space. Please use the contact form on the right of the page if you would like to reach out to us to discuss your requirements, or to book a home visit and consultation with a representative.

Shutterway sliding security gate in white with one rod

At Shutterway we always promote a layered approach to security.  A layered approach consists of:

  • Good perimeter security
  • External lighting
  • Beams
  • Physical barriers at points of entry and
  • Internal passage gates to ensure ultimate safety for your family.

Shutterway Single Swing Passage Gate