Elegant Louvered Security Gates

Shutterway stylish security gates provide a solid barrier for any entrance to your home, while the elegant fixed louvre design creates clean horizontal lines, giving the impression of Venetian blinds or shutters. This creates a neat architectural element, with horizontals creating fewer disturbances to the eye as opposed to vertical lines. Security gates are not only a physical barrier, but are also a strong visual deterrent, and Shutterway sets out to achieve this while not compromising on the aesthetics of your home. Units are all custom made from steel, and all workmanship carries a three year guarantee. Security gates are available in a wide range of configurations and colours to suit your décor requirements. Enjoy the freedom of leaving your doors open, safe behind your Shutterway stylish security gate.

Shutterway Configurations

Our security gates are available in the following configurations:

Single swing seShutterway Security Gates - Single Swing Gatecurity gates: Swing gates have full length lock and hinge posts to minimize any tampering or leveraging. The units utilise a quality two pin locking mechanism. The lock position is sandwiched on both sides by a 400mm long welded on tab for further protection, and both the lock post and gate are reinforced at the lock position. Units are fitted with the opposing swing of existing doors, i.e. if your door is inwards opening, the gate will open outwards and vice versa. Units can be fitted with parliament hinges, which allows them Shutterway Security Gates - One Fixed One Hingedto fold back 180 degrees.

Fixed panel/s and swing security gates: For wider openings, a combination of fixed panels with swing gates can be used.

Double / bi-fold swing security gates: The most common solution over double doors, this configuration consists of two panels hinging on each side which then lock in the centre.  These units can be fitted with parliament hinges, allowing them to fold back 180 degrees. If there are space restrictions, it is possible to make a bi-fold solution where both panels fold either to the left or right.


Sliding security gates:  This configuration is available to suit single or double sliders. Our Shutterway sliding door gates use a top hung track system and a bottom guide off the adjacent fixed panel. The panel locates into a full length lock channel, thereby protecting the lock mechanism.

security-gates2Multiple folding / concertina security gates: For wider openings and folding stacking doors, we provide a multiple folding stacking panel configuration. This runs on a top hung track system and has a bottom track set onto the floor. The panels lock into place by shooting stainless steel pins both up into the top track and down into the floor.

Internal security gates: We recommend an internal security gate, using any of the configurations mentioned above, that can safely isolate the sleeping area of your home from the rest of the rooms, creating a safe zone. This provides an additional barrier in the event that any intruder overcomes other security measures, ensuring the safety of you and your family.

We aim to install our units to the interior of doorways, however, we do accommodate external gates where doorways open inwards or when securing outside openings or enclosures. 

Premium Locking Mechanisms for Security Gates

A good security gate is only as strong as its locking mechanism because this is the most frequently attacked point of a gate.

Shutterway has undertaken extensive design and re-enforcement of our gates, and while no barrier manufacturer can guarantee their gates to be impossible to break through, our recent design improvements will ensure it will not be an easy in and out, as is often the case with other gates.

All our locks are high quality components. Most utilise a Euro-profile cylinder and can be keyed-alike for convenience where multiple gates are fitted on one premises.

We use full length lock posts and hinge posts that are securely bolted to the brickwork.

400mm lock tabs

Swing gates: Our swing gates utilise a deadlock that throws out two steel pins with a throw of 20 mm on a single key throw. Apart from the lock, the gate has been over-designed and re-enforced at the lock position. Additional steel is welded inside the tubing sections of both the gates and lock posts for extra resistance to force. The lock position is sandwiched by a 400 mm long lock tab, covering the lock mechanism and ensuring that any leverage is only applicable a fair distance from the lock, decreasing the force of the leverage applied to the lock.

Additional stopping plates are welded on between the hinges to prevent gate flex between the hinges, giving very little room for the lock to move under force of attack.

Where a “slam lock type” application is required, we can offer a push pin lock that can be latched closed when the gate is closed, with a keyless locking mechanism engaged by pushing a pin in the closed position.

Shutterway Stylish Security - Elec lock reference

Electronic locks: When it comes to electronic locks on swing gates, we fit the superior, high security CISA Elettrika locks to these security gates.

This lock can withstand 2000 kg of force, and can be linked to any access control solution. We usually supply this standard with ET System remotes, or it can be linked to existing systems or other access control solutions.

Sliding gates: Sliding gates utilise a unique multi-point lock system that closes into a full length lock channel, with a centre hook lock engaging and two pins throwing top and bottom on a single key turn.

Vermaak small-27Vermaak small-36

Stacking gates: Stacking gates utilize a multi-point lock that engages top and bottom with a key turn, securely fixing the panels by throwing stainless steel pins through the bottom track and into the top track.

Research and development is a continual process at Shutterway, and we are always testing and improving locking systems in our quest to make the best gates.

If you would like any additional information on the locking systems used in these gates, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to further assist your queries.

We supply and install these elegant  security gates in Cape Town, as well as through our network of agents in other parts of the country. Please click through to our contacts page to see areas covered.

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