Shutterway security gate configurations

At Shutterway, we’ve worked with some diverse spaces. What each home has taught us is that every entrance requirement is different in terms of the security gate it requires. The beauty of offering custom security gates is that we are not only able to provide residents with units that are pleasing to the eye, and fitted to exact measurements, but we’re also able to offer them the functionality they require from the gate. Below, our six Shutterway security gate configurations reflect the functionality you’re able to get out of our Shutterway security gates.

Shutterway security gate configurations

The following security gate configurations are available:

Single swing configuration:  This security gate configuration is used when only a single swinging panel is needed. The two pin locking mechanism is sandwiched between two welded on tabs for further protection, and the lock post is reinforced at the lock position. In order to minimize any leveraging or tampering, Shutterway swing security gates have full length lock and hinge posts. The direction in which the existing door swings, dictates which way the fitted security gate will swing – usually in the opposite direction. So for example, if your door opens inward, the gate will open outward. In order for our security gates to fold neatly, we can fit them with parliament hinges, which allows them Shutterway Security Gates - One Fixed One Hingedto fold back 180 degrees.

Fixed panel/s and swing configuration: If you have a wide opening that you would like to secure with a security gate, a combination of fixed panels with swing gates can be used.

Double / bi-fold swing configuration: At Shutterway we’ve found the most common solution over double doors to be the double / bi-fold configuration. This unit is made up of two panels hinging on each side which then lock in the middle.  These security gates can be fitted with our reflexive parliament hinges, which gives them the ability to fold back 180 degrees. If space is a problem, we can create a bi-fold unit where both panels fold either to the right or left.


Sliding configuration:  This security gate configuration is perfect for both double, or single sliders. These sliding gates use a top hung track system and a bottom guide off the adjacent fixed panel. In order to protect the lock mechanism, the panel locates into a full length lock channel.

security-gates2Multiple folding / concertina configuration: For wider openings and folding stacking doors, we provide a slider3shuttterwaymultiple folding stacking panel configuration. This runs on a top hung track system and has a bottom track set onto the floor. The panels lock into place by shooting stainless steel pins both up into the lintel and down into the floor.

Internal configuration: We recommend an internal security gate, using any of the configurations mentioned above, that can safely isolate the sleeping area of your home from the rest of the rooms, creating a safe zone. This provides an additional barrier in the event that any intruder overcomes other security measures, ensuring the safety of you and your family.

We aim to install our units to the interior of doorways, however, we do accommodate external gates where doorways open inwards or when securing outside openings.