Sliding door gates in Cape Town

If you’re looking for sliding door gates in Cape Town that are sleek, strong and stylish, then you will be pleased to know that we have a range of configurations to suit your home’s needs.

Trustworthy sliding door gates

Shutterway is based in the Mother City, so it’s safe to say that we know what kind of protection is needed from sliding door gates in Cape Town. Our team is as concerned about the safety of their homes and loved ones as you are, and that’s why we are confident that our steel security gates are the most stylish and secure option on the market.

Cape Town sliding door gates

Cape Town sliding door gates that have been designed to be strong and elegant

Homes in Cape Town need sliding door gates that prove to be stronger than a burglar’s tools. We understand the concern, and that’s why we’ve undertaken extensive design on our sliding door gates in our Cape Town workshop. Panels use a top hung sliding system, and the high quality lock mechanism engages into a channel post to ensure that the lock is well protected from attack.

Cape Town sliding door gates

 Cape Town sliding door gates made to measure

No matter what the height, width or length of the required sliding door gates, our Cape Town workshop is geared to craft you a custom-made security unit. Choose from a range of configurations to make sure the sliding door gates you fit in your Cape Town home meet the area’s functional requirements.

Choose your sliding door gate configuration

The sliding door gates we fit in Cape Town are available in the following configurations:

Sliding door gates – single or double sliders

Single slider security gate

Shutterway double slider security gateCape Town residents often fit this type of sliding door gate on their sliding door to create functional harmony. This gate works well as either a single or double sliding gate. With a top-hung track system and a bottom guide off the adjacent fixed panel, this gate receives its sliding functionality. With this configuration, the lock mechanism gets its protection as the panel locates into a full-length lock channel.

Advantages of fitting Shutterway sliding door gates

Shutterway offers an attractive alternative sliding door gate design compared to the the common expandable sliding door gates offered in Cape Town. Here are a few more reasons we believe our Shutterway gates are the best on the market:

  • Horizontal louvre design adds clean aesthetics
  • Units are easy to clean and don’t have any dirt collecting recesses
  • Requires minimal space
  • Nylon rollers used in top track for quiet and smooth glide when opening and closing
  • We also fit single sliding panels for internal dividers which create internal safe zones. For example, if you’d like to isolate the bedrooms from the rest of the house, you can do this by fitting a single sliding panel between these two spaces.

We are proud to offer these advantages while still remaining competitive on price.

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