Recent Installation: Pivot Door Security Gate

We always like to share our projects that had some slight challenges to it, like our article about the staircase enclosure.  All of our units are custom made to fit in an elegant fixed louvre design.  Due to the customization of these units, we are able to come up with solutions to your security challenges.  Recently we had to manufacture a pivot door security gate for a front entrance of a private residence.

Our security gates are usually fitted within the reveal space, close to the door.  A pivot door does not allow space for fixing a security gate in the reveal space, creating a challenge in the design of a gate suitable for such an opening.

What Is A Pivot Door?

A pivot door does not have hinges on the side like a conventional door.  The pivot is a central point on which a mechanism turns.  This type of door swings on a single axis created by at least two pivots.  The pivots can be located any distance from the edge of the door.  One top and one bottom in line with one another. This allows part of the door to swivel in and the other part to swivel outwards.

Examples Of Pivot Doors - Shutterway Pivot Door Security Gates

Examples Of Pivot Doors

Shutterway Pivot Door Security Gate

Front Entrance Enclosure

A front entrance enclosure is when a safe space between the front door and gate is created.  By using a security gate in combination with fixtures (depending on the opening) a safe space can easily be created.  This safe space is especially useful when you do not have a boundary wall. It also solves the issue of the infringement that a pivot door creates in the reveal space.

Shutterway Front Entrance Enclosures - Security Gates

Shutterway Front Entrance Enclosures

Shutterway Pivot Door Security Gate

To overcome the space issue that the pivot door creates, we had to create a front entrance enclosure.  With this specific front entrance, we had the option to install the security gate a bit away from the door, leaving enough space for the door to open.  By bringing the gate a bit more to the front, it meant that there would be an opening above the gate.  The best solution was for us to manufacture a top fixed panel that would be fixed horizontally above the gate and fixed into the side walls.

Shutterway Pivot Door Security Gate - Front Entrance Enclosure

Shutterway Pivot Door Security Gate

Considering a pivot door for your front entrance? This article will give you the necessary info needed to make a well-informed decision as well as this Hinged Door Vs. Pivot Door article.

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