Security Advice For New Home Owners: Layered Approach

Buying your first home is a very exciting time, but also one of great expense while you add your own touch to your new space. It’s very easy to get lost in buying new furniture etc, but the security aspect should not be an afterthought.  This article gives some practical security advice for new homeowners to view their property in light of upgrading security aspects.

When looking at security for your new home it is best to have a layered approach.  Having more than one deterrent means that there will be several obstacles to overcome in order to gain entry.  Having several layers will also visually deter any would-be intruder.  Combining the following four basic elements is good security advice:

Existing Security Barriers

A good place to begin is to replace the old flimsy security gates and burglar bars with robust physical security barriers. The Shutterway security units are all manufactured in a pleasing fixed horizontal louvred style that will not detract from the look of your home while also adding value to your property.  If you have budget restraints, focus on securing the front entrance and bedroom area first. Secure the windows and have a passage gate installed to create a safe area.

front entrance expandable sliding security gate and window burglar bars

Before: Old expandable security gate and unsightly burglar bars

Shutterway Stylish Security front entrance security gate and stylish window burglar bars as part of layered approach

After: Upgraded stylish front entrance security gate and burglar bars


Perimeter Security

The next deterrent would be your boundary wall or fence. This is your first obstacle for would-be intruders and adding an electric fence to the perimeter would decrease the chances of someone attempting to climb over the fence in order to gain access to your home.  Should there be no boundary wall, adding some beams would help alert you of someone on your property even before they reach the front door.

Integrated Alarm System

Make sure that the alarm system is connected to a reputable armed response company. Opt to combine your alarm system with beams in the garden as an early warning sign for you to react to a possible intrusion as soon as possible.  With a howling alarm trying to get through a security gate will not be an option as you would already have notified the necessary authorities and have time to arm yourself.  If the alarm has a delay before going off, it would be better to change this to an instant trigger, one that will sound as soon as a window or door has been breached.

External Lighting

External lighting usually is not always an obvious choice when it comes to security deterrents, but does play a very important role.  Lesser dark nooks and crannies on your property mean less hiding places.  Installing sensor lights will help you save on your electricity bill as the lights will only go on when it picks up movement, this will in return alert you as well.

These are the four most important aspects to look at initially when wanting to secure your property.  For more ideas on how to add more layers to your security approach you can read our previous blog, Five Layers To Add To Your Home Security.

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