Security Gate Features: What To Look At Before Purchasing


Purchasing a security gate these days is more of a must-have than a nice-to-have.  With a market full of different security gate manufacturers and suppliers, it is important to know what security gate features to look for before investing.  So let us have a quick look at those features for you to make a well-informed decision.



 Security Gate Features


The very first thing that one usually would look at when getting quotations in for a security gate is most likely the price.  Unfortunately, when looking at security gates, low-cost usually means low quality and will cost more in the long run.


While not everyone is design-conscious, if aesthetics are important to you then this is a feature to look for.  Just remember that a strong security gate could still be elegant without detracting from your homes’ aesthetics.


This security gate feature is what would determine a big portion of the quality and strength of the gate.  Look at the quality of the componentry used on the gate.  Are the lock and hinges from a reputable company? Did the manufacturer opt for the cheapest and most cost-effective components to cut on price?


The fixings contribute greatly to the overall strength of the gate. Are substantial fixings used? And where do they fix the security gate to?  Security units, in general, are far more secure when bolted into the surrounding brickwork than into the actual door frame.  A strong gate is meaningless when not fixed properly.

Potential break-in leverage

The room for leverage should be kept to the minimum. Any big gaps, especially at the fixing locations and locking mechanism, has the potential for break-in leverage. This should ideally be minimized, and areas around the lock mechanism should be reinforced.

Corrosion Resistance

Are the gates protected against corrosion to extend their longevity?  Also, have a look at the type of protection that is used.  From experience, galvanised units will stand the test of time, as this is the best treatment for external steel exposed to the environment.

Front Entrance Security Gates - Shutterway - Security Gate Features


Does the pricing include installation or would you have to pay an additional fee for this service?  Well trained, long-standing installation teams are a must.  A well-made security gate that was not installed correctly could also pose a potential security risk.

Guarantee and After Sales Service

The company should have a guarantee in place and good after-sales service.  The last-mentioned can be established by looking at how long the company has been in existence for and general client feedback.


Having a security gate installed is not just another purchase, it is a long term investment.  Have a look at the features before deciding on price alone. Like the Afrikaans proverb states “Goedkoop koop is duur koop”.  If you purchase a low-cost gate, it may well end up costing you more in the long run.

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