Looking for a company that can install reliable, attractive security gates in Cape Town? You’ve come to the right place.

Security gates in Cape Town you can trust

Cape Town is an incredible place to live. We know because Shutterway is based in Cape Town, making each member of our team a safety-concerned resident, just like you. As Mother City residents ourselves, we know exactly what is needed from a security gate in Cape Town nowadays.

Tried and tested Cape Town security gates

A security gate in the Cape needs to be stronger than an intruder’s tools. That’s why we’ve done a crowbar test on our security gates in our Cape Town workshop. Proudly, the two-pin locking mechanism and reinforced lock post survived the energetic attack.

Aesthetically pleasing

Capetonians take pride in their homes, so Cape Town security gates need to be attractive. Our Shutterway louvred security gate design is a stylish alternative that offers simple lines and comes in a range of colours to compliment a home’s chosen décor.

Custom-made security gates in Cape Town

Homes come in all shapes and sizes in Cape Town. Security gates should too. That’s why each of our security gates are custom-made with a choice of functional configurations made to your required dimensions.

Configuration options for Shutterway security gates in Cape Town

Gone are the days when you have to settle for a security gate in Cape Town that doesn’t provide you with the functionality you require. We offer a range of configurations to suit your home’s needs.

Shutterway Security Gates - Single Swing Gate

Single-swing style: This classic single-swing style is the most common security gate style in Cape Town, however it’s not the only style. These gates come with full-length lock and hinge posts which minimize the chance of being leveraged open or tampered with. The lock position is sandwiched on both sides by a solid welded-on plate for further protection. The lock uses a high quality, two-pin locking mechanism that we have tested using a crowbar and a lot of elbow grease. The crowbar proved to be no match for the lock.

Shutterway Security Gates - One Fixed One Hinged


Fixed panel/s and swing style: If your Cape Town home needs a security gate that spans a larger area, then combining a fixed panel with a swing style one could be just what you need to secure the wider opening.

Double / bi-fold swing style: If you have double doors you’re looking to protect with a gate, then this configuration may appeal to you. It consist of two hinging panels on each side which lock in the middle.  If you’d like the unit to be able to fold back 180 degrees, we can fit the security gate with parliament hinges. If you’re worried about space, we can install a bi-fold solution where both panels fold either to the left or right.


Sliding style gates:  This type of gate works well as either a single or double slider security gate. The sliding functionality is made possible thanks to a top-hung track system and a bottom guide off the adjacent fixed panel. The panel locates into a full-length lock channel, which is what gives the lock mechanism its protection.



Multiple folding / concertina style gates: For folding-stacking doors and wider openings we suggest a multiple folding-stacking panel configuration. This system works with a top-hung track system and has a bottom track set onto the floor. The panels lock into place by shooting stainless steel pins both up into the lintel and down into the floor.

Installation gallery

Having installed security gates for Cape Town homes since 2007, we’ve had the pleasure of servicing a large portion of Cape Town’s beautiful suburbs. A big thank you goes out to the residents who allowed us to share these photographs. Have a look at our gallery of security gates in Cape Town we’ve installed.

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