Bi-Fold Security Gate At Exclusive Private Residence

A recent installation of a bi-fold security gate at an exclusive private residence required a bit more customization than usual, but at Shutterway we do not back out easily from a challenge. In retrospect, we thrive on challenges and we supply the best possible solution and strive for perfection at the same time.  Creating a safe zone for the bedroom area with a sloped roof – challenge accepted!


With the roof sloping to the one side and no solid lintel above to fix into, one would think securing the bedroom area would be close to impossible.  The width of the passage created another obstacle as doing a single swing security gate requires sufficient wall space to fold flat onto and at that width tend to be awkward to open.

Solution: Bi-Fold Security Gate

The positioning of the gate in the passage was of great importance as we had to make sure the gate would line up with one of the timber beams of the roof.  This placement is necessary in order for the panel to line up with one of the timber beams to achieve neater aesthetics.

The biggest challenge was to ensure that the top part of the fixed panel would slant at the same angle as the timber beam to provide a snug fit and eliminate any gaps.

To overcome the width we opted to go with a bi-fold security gate, where both panels fold away to the one side and sit flat on the available wall space (as seen in the below pictures).


A stylishly secured bedroom area, without detracting from the home’s aesthetics.

Shutterway Bi-Fold Security Gate

Bi-Fold Security Gate with Triangular Top Fixed Panel – Bedroom Section

Study Gate

With the second installation we had the same problem regarding sufficient wall space. Having a gate protrude into the space was also not an option.  Therefore we had to opt for another bi-fold security gate to secure the study. The slanted louvered look of the gate fits in perfectly with the old worldly charm of the study.

Shutterway Bi-Fold Security Gate

Bi-Fold Security Gate for Study

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