Shutterway Combined With Security Shutters

These days there are a range of aesthetically pleasing security options on the market as opposed to stock standard expandable security gates and burglar bars. At Shutterway we manufacture stylish security barriers in an elegant fixed horizontal louvre style which will not detract from the charm of your home. Shutterway security units also dovetail beautifully when combined with aluminium security shutters, due to the complimentary louvre style that Shutterway is known for.

Adjustable Louvre Security Shutters

Adjustable louvre security shutters made of aluminium are extremely versatile and durable. They are low maintenance and if looked after, will last you for many years to come. These window coverings serve the purpose of creating privacy when needed and at the same time add that additional layer of security. Shutters give you the ability to control the light and make the controlling of airflow a breeze. They also serve as insulation, keeping the heat out during summer and keeping things cosy during those long winter months. Plantation Shutters and Blockhouse Shutters are current market leaders in the security shutter space that often combine with Shutterway installations.


Shutterway double swing security gates combined with stacking window Blockhouse Shutters

Shutterway swing security gates combined with stacking Blockhouse Shutters

Combining Shutterway with Security Shutters

You do not necessarily need the light control function of a security shutter at your front entrance or kitchen door. You need something that will still give you the best security, but also compliment your shutters. This is where Shutterway will happily assist. As with security shutters, Shutterway security units are also custom made to fit your specific opening. They can be manufactured in a variety of configurations best suited for your requirements.

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Shutterway front entrance swing security gate combined with aluminium security window shutters

Shutterway front entrance swing security gate combined with aluminium security shutters