Shutterway – Choosing The Correct Configuration

At Shutterway units are all manufactured in an elegant fixed louvre style, custom made to your home’s opening sizes.  We also manufacture them in different configurations depending on the opening requirements.  We have a solution for almost any type of opening: French doors, Sliding doors, Stacking doors and even passage gates to secure the bedroom areas.  Choosing the correct configuration, however, is quite important as choosing the wrong one could be impractical and result in unnecessary frustrations.

Here is a guide on choosing the best configuration for your opening:

1. What is the configuration of the existing opening?

Here we look at the existing opening that you want to secure.  First prize would always be to try and mirror the existing configuration as this would usually be the most practical solution unless there are some space or other technical restraints.  It also looks more aesthetically pleasing when the lines of the gate and the existing door lines up.

If you have a sliding door we will suggest a gate which will have a fixed panel and one panel sliding across and overlapping the fixed panel.

Shutterway Sliding Door Security Gate Configuration

2. Dealing with space confinements

As all units are manufactured in fixed louvre panels (and are not expandable gates/trellis style gates), we do require space in order for them to open. In some cases, there might not be enough space for a gate to swing and one would have to consider sliding panels or a bi-fold option like the one we had to do for this exclusive private residence in Stellenbosch.

3. Access Control

Our electronic locks for access control only work on swing security gates and the same goes for other slam lock options.  So if it is a shop front gate it would have to be a swing gate in order for the lock to function with access control.

Shutterway Access Control (Slam-Lock) Swing Security Gates - Shop Front Entrance

4. On the door VS Away from the door

Choosing whether you would like the gate on or away from the door could also affect the configuration. The best way to determine where to have the gate installed is to consider whether you have a boundary wall or not.  If you do not have a boundary wall, it is nice to create a bit of space between the front door and the security gate, so that visitors (both welcome and unwelcome!) are at least an arm’s length away.  Doing the installation away from the door might require some surrounding panels i.e. a fixed panel on either side and a swing gate in the middle.  We will always align the fixed panels in such a way that the gate will still be in line with the actual front door.

Shutterway Security Gate On The Door VS Away From The Door

5. Window fixture VS Opening panel

When protecting your windows the standard would be to have a fixture covering your window opening. This option is more economical and practical.  We can, however, make window burglar bars with an opening panel as an emergency exit but would advise to only do this when there is no other logical escape route.  This option usually works best when the bedroom area has been secured with a gate in the passage and there are no other doors to exit through.

Shutterway Window Burglar Bars - Stylish Fixed Louvre Security Gates And Burglar Bars

6. Size of opening

The size of the opening plays a very big role in the type of configuration.  A good example of this would be a passage gate where the ceiling is quite high.  In this scenario, one might have to consider having a fixed panel above the gate, in order to bring the gate to a more reasonable size.

Shutterway Custom Made Fixed Louvre Security Gates And Burglar Bars


All these factors have to be taken into account when deciding on the best solution for your opening. Each and every opening is unique and would depend on the client’s requirements and the main function of the gate.  Should you want to get a quotation and some expert advice, contact us by filling in the handy form on the right or visit our contacts page for a list of our resellers.