Shutterway: New Show Stand Display All Gate Configurations


Prepping for an Expo is hard work and also very exciting at the same time.  For the past Homemakers Expo at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, we decided to design and build a bigger and better stand to display Shutterway’s stylish security gate configurations and burglar bars.  We had everything done in-house, from the very first draft to the actual building of the stand.


Old Stand

Our previous stand was quite limiting in what we could put on display. We decided to redesign our stand in such a way that it would be able to display all our gate configurations.  We wanted to be able to give clients the full Shutterway experience.

New Stand

The design intention was to break down the barrier for visitors stepping onto the stand.  We did this by keeping it flat on the ground, and opening up the corner. In doing so, the stand was made more inviting.

The configurations on the show were a window unit, galvanised swing gate with an electric lock, a sliding security gate, a swing security gate with a slam lock, as well as a bi-fold and double gate example.

The Building Centre

If you were not able to visit the stand during this year’s Homemakers Expo, do not despair.  Luckily you would be able to visit our stand at The Building Centre in Northgate Estate opposite Builders Warehouse in Platinum Drive.  This will be the house for our stand until the next Homemakers Expo in 2019.


Platinum Drive
Northgate Estate (Adjacent to Builders Warehouse)
Cape Town

Tel: 021 510 4000


Monday to Friday from 09:00-16:00
Saturdays & Sundays from 10:00-15:00

Closed on public holidays

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Shutterway Homemakers Expo Show Stand, Displaying Galvanised Single Swing Security Gate, Sliding Security Gate, Window Burglar Bars

Shutterway Homemakers Expo stand from start to finish.