Shutterway: Galvanized Gates for External Application

At Shutterway we always strive to manufacture the best security gates and burglar bars in the business.  We are continuously working on improving our products strength and durability. We ensure that we only use the best possible componentry and methods to achieve a five-star product.  Hence why we made the decision to install galvanized gates externally.  We went through a trial and error process to find the best coating option for units fitted outside without compromising on the quality too much.  Hot-dip galvanizing came out on top in the end.  This is the best option by far for protection against corrosion.

External Security Gates & Burglar Bars

Externally fitted security gates and burglar bars are exposed to harsh and ever-changing external factors that contribute to corrosion.  Galvanized gates and burglar bars will give you an extremely long lifespan with very little maintenance. There will be a slight compromise on the finish of the coating i.e. welding would be slightly visible, but in the long run worth the sacrifice.

Internal Security Gates & Burglar Bars

For all units installed inside, we will stick to the two-part coating process with a zinc-rich undercoat. This process is adequate for less exposed internal units and will give you a flawless finish.

Shutterway Stylish Security Burglar Bars

What is hot-dip galvanizing?

It is a treatment where steel is immersed in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of 450 ºC.  This process gives complete coverage.  All parts of the steel’s surface are coated – external, internal, awkward corners and areas with narrow gaps.

From the Hot Dip Galvanizers Association (South Africa):

“When iron is extracted from its ore, a fundamental tendency of nature is abruptly reversed.  Unless protected, iron and steel will corrode in most environments, slowly returning to their natural state.

Corrosion prevention is an essential factor in the economic utilisation of steel.  Provision of the appropriate protective coating can bring initial savings plus substantial economies in service, due to reduction or elimination of maintenance and lost service time, and by deferring the replacement date of structures and equipment.

In suitable applications hot dip galvanizing provides ideal corrosion protection for steel – no other coating matches galvanizing’s unique combination of low first cost, ease of inspection for coating quality, durability, predictable performance, low maintenance, and resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage.”

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