Shutterway Interview: Lydia Van Der Spuy – Interior Designer

To have a client recommend your product to other people is always such a big compliment and gives great satisfaction.  Lydia Van Der Spuy, a local interior designer, loved her Shutterway security units so much, that she started referring some of her own clients to Shutterway.  We have decided to get to know Lydia a bit better and wanted to know what her experience with Shutterway was like.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and the work that you do?

I’m an interior designer with a background in Management Accounting, Fashion Design and buying. After buying our first house I absolutely fell in love with making our new home our own. This encouraged me to pursue a new career in Interior design and that is how it all started.

I do residential and commercial interiors. My approach to each project is as unique as each client, but I would say it is a minimalistic modern approach, with a warm touch.

How did you find out about Shutterway?

When I was looking for security for our house, I was on a mission to get something that was still pleasing to the eye, and that would just blend in to the rest of the house. I didn’t want anything over the top or too busy. I came across Shutterway online, and really liked the look and knew this would work beautifully with our home. I was also very impressed by the quality and how strong the product is and that I felt very at ease having Shutterway as our security barrier.

What is your impression of the company and its culture?

From start to finish was an absolute dream. The execution on everything is amazing and as a customer I can honestly say that there are not many companies with customer service levels like Shutterway.

How long have you been involved in selling Shutterway products?

For about 4 years.

Being a past Shutterway client, what is your opinion of the product & what do you like best about Shutterway products?

As mentioned above, the Shutterway package as a whole is what makes Shutterway unique from any other security company. The culture of teamwork and hard work comes through in the way that Shutterway operates. The lead time to get quotes out and products installed is amazing, and this can only happen though a hardworking dedicated team that values client satisfaction and values the image of their company.

 Apart from Shutterway, what other products and services do you offer?

Services I offer is once-off consultation sessions, helping clients with their current space. And then also a full on design service, being involved from start to finish of a small revamp project to a new home being built. I am involved as much as the client would like. Mostly from choosing hard finishes such as floor finishes, lights and all the other elements to the final installation of soft finishes such a curtains etc.

What aspect of your work gives you a feeling of satisfaction, and why?

I would say everything. To this point I was so fortunate with amazing clients, they have all been so amazing and so wonderful to work with, that I think this adds a great deal of satisfaction. Being creative and finding beautiful pieces that fits into a specific space gives me the greatest joy. I get to work with all things beautiful  – what is there not to love?

Have you met any people with interesting stories to tell, and if so, could you share one or two with us here?

Oh my goodness, I can’t even think of one story. I have met so many interesting people, not only my clients, that are so diverse and wonderful, but also the suppliers that I get to work with. Everyone that is involved to make a project a success – everyone has an interesting story.

What are your website and contact details? (Currently under construction, as we are busy with a new exciting website as well as an online store.)

Contact details:


M: +27 82 293 4258

Shutterway Client - Lydia Van Der Spuy

Lydia Van Der Spuy Interiors