Shutterway: Modern Security Gates For Your Home

What does modern security gates look like?

It’s a gate that blends in with your home and does not detract from its aesthetics. It can blend in with whichever interior design style you currently have.  They are also versatile and will fit right in with the next interior design trend. Shutterway’s security units tick all of these boxes for modern security gates.  Our units are manufactured in a fixed horizontal louvre style which creates clean lines that do not detract from your homes aesthetics.


Here are four interior design styles where our elegant fixed louvre security units will fit right in:


This style makes use of exposed steel and wooden components in combination with exposed brickwork. The colour scheme for the industrial style is usually of rustic origin and sometimes with hints of copper. Our Shutterway security units will give this industrial style that extra edge when manufactured in bronze or even charcoal and compliment the overall colour scheme.

Shutterway Modern Security Gates - Industrial Interior Design


Stripes are quite big in the nautical style, especially in blue and white. The elegant horizontal louvre design of our Shutterway security units (in white) will add to this nautical feature without being overpowering, but rather blending in and might even compliment another nautical stripe feature.

Shutterway Modern Security Gates - Nautical Interior Design


This minimalist style mainly focuses on white and soft hues with clean lines.  The use of natural light also plays a big role, as they try to maximise the use of natural light.  Shutterway’s modern security gates can easily be incorporated into this design. Our security units will not block any natural light from entering the space and the clean horizontal lines of these security units will not detract from the minimalist look.

Shutterway Modern Security Gates - Scandinavian Interior Design

Modern Farmhouse

One of the main characteristics of the modern farmhouse style is to create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere.  It also focuses on balancing the old and the new.  Mainly a neutral colour palette is used with more earthy colours, this is where the Shutterway colours (white, silk grey and grey-white) would fit in perfectly.  Also, when combining it with a shiplap wall, will contribute and blend in with the horizontal lines created by the wood.

Shutterway Modern Security Gates - Interior Design


The Shutterway security units have fixed horizontal louvres.  It creates clean lines without looking too busy and detracting from the interior of your home.  The units are versatile enough to easily fit in with almost any interior design style.

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