Shutterway: New Shutterway Contact Form

Now it is easier than ever to get a quotation from Shutterway.  With our new and improved Shutterway Contact Form you can get a quotation in a flash.  We are always trying to better our service and deliver an outstanding product. This new improvement will definitely make our service to you even more pleasant.  Let’s have a look at what this Shutterway Contact form consists of and how it has been bettered.

At first glance, it seems not much different from the previous form, but we added two additional options to choose from.


Request a Pricelist

The Request a Pricelist option can be selected should you not have measurements to submit for a quotation and you would like an idea of what kind of pricing you are looking at.  This option will give you pricing on our most popular configurations from window burglar bars to single gates and sliding gates.

I Have Measurements

By clicking on this option you will be taken through to a new page.  On this page, you can supply us with all your opening sizes (width x height) for estimation and we will revert back with a quotation.  You even have an option to send us an individual picture with every item size in order for us to give you the most accurate quotation.

How To Take Measurements

For quoting purposes we require the opening size of the reveal (width x height).  The reveal is the brickwork surrounding the window or door opening. So in order to take the correct measurement, measure the width between the brickwork (side to side).  For the height, you need to measure from the windowsill (bottom of the reveal) to the top.

Shutterway Contact Form - Measurements for Pricing

                         Width and height measurements for doors and windows


Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Adding a picture of each of the openings would also help to give you the most accurate quotation.  This could help to identify and give you a quotation on the most suitable configuration for your opening.  It also helps us to identify any technical aspects that might affect the pricing.  You will find the option to add a picture after the dimensions of each opening.

Summary: Shutterway Contact Form – Step by Step

  1. Complete the Request a Quote form on our website
  2. Click on I have measurements in the green block
  3. Complete the form by filling in the description (area) as well as the width and height
  4. Click on Choose File and add your picture of the opening
  5. Now you can select to add another opening by clicking on Add a second (Add a third, fourth and so on)
  6. When done adding all your items and pictures, make sure to select I’m not a robot before pressing the submit button
  7. You are all done! We will revert back with an itemised quotation according to your submission.

So what are you waiting for? Complete the handy form to your right and we will be in touch.