Sectional Title: Choose Shutterway As Your Security Provider

More people are choosing to live in security estates, complexes and apartment buildings due to safety and security concerns.  These properties are known as sectional title properties and do tend to bind you to a certain set of rules.  These rules could include a preferred security provider with a specific design for security gates and burglar bars. So what does all of this mean?

What exactly do you own when buying into a sectional title?

You would own the inside of the unit (everything between the walls, ceiling and floor).  Here you can paint and make alterations as you please.  Just note that your alterations do not violate municipal by-laws. You can use this link to find your area specific by-laws.

When do I need permission if I want to change and alter something?

You would need permission from the body corporate should you want to make alterations to anything that is seen as common property (that does not form part of the section that you own).

But what is common property?

Common property is anything that does not form part of the section that you own.  Examples of the common property would be driveways, gardens, swimming pools, corridors etc.  The Body Corporate controls the common property and you would have to get permission should you want to do any alterations.  Alterations to get permission for could be anything from fitting a security gate at your front door to the installation of a splash pool or jacuzzi.

Installing a security gate

Find out whether the body corporate has a preferred security provider for the estate/complex.  This might mean that there would be a specific design and colour which the gates have to be manufactured in.  This is to ensure that all the units or houses have the same aesthetics from the outside and not a mix of different styles and colours.  A wide variety of designs and colours can easily detract from the complex’s aesthetics and cause it to look fragmentary.

Shutterway As Preferred Security Provider

Shutterway has been specified as preferred security gate supplier at various apartment buildings in and around the Central Cape Town District.

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