Shutterway: Security Gates For Sliding Doors

If you are looking for security gates for sliding doors and you do not want to settle for the expandable security gates, then look no further.  At Shutterway we have the perfect solution for your sliding door, whether it is for a single slider, double slider or whatever the configuration might be.

Our security gates for sliding doors have been designed with ultra security in mind and in such a way that it would not detract from your home’s aesthetics.  When we had to come up with a solution for sliding doors, we decided that to incorporate our elegant louvre style is a must. The same went for the security aspect of these gates.  We made sure to source the best componentry for these gates to ensure quality, ease of operation and the best                                                                                                                        security on the market.

Security Gates for Sliding Doors: Single Sliders

Shutterway Stylish Security: Security Gates For Sliding Doors, Single Slider

As we always try to mirror the configuration of your opening, we made sure to do the same for our security gates for sliding doors.  Our single slider consists of a fixed panel and a sliding panel.  The sliding panel runs on a top hung track with no track on the floor.  It will slide across and sit on top of the fixed panel on either the left or the right depending on which way your slider opens to.  We use a three-point lock system which engages by the single turn of a key.  The lock closes into a full-length lock post, throwing two pins, one top and one bottom, with a hook lock in the middle.

Shutterway Stylish Security: Security gates for sliding doors, single slider

 Security Gates for Sliding Doors: Double Sliders

For the double sliding door configuration, we applied the same concept, except for this one we require a floor track as well, to keep the two sliding panels in line for ease of locking.  This configuration consists of two fixed panels (one left and one right) and two sliding panels in the centre, one sliding left and one sliding right, each sitting on top of a fixed panel on either side of the opening.

Shutterway Stylish Security: Security Gates For Sliding Doors, Double Slider

If you are not sure whether one of these configurations would suit your sliding door configuration, get in touch with us by filling in the handy form on the right or for a list of resellers click here.  One of our consultants will be in touch to give you some expert advice and a solution to your problem.