Security Tips: 5 Layers to add to your home security

You have all the bells and whistles when it comes to security at your home. Security gates, burglar bars, alarm, electric fence, beams, you even went as far to get a couple of security cameras installed and of course your four legged friend if all else fails. All covered right? Not so fast, there is so much more we can add to our existing security.  By adding simple additional layers one can make your home safe without having it look like a fortress.  Lets have a look at some of these simple, but yet effective ways to layer up.



Use and reduce shrubbery

Now, I know how this sounds, but the idea is to minimize shrubbery in such a way that there is no place for anyone to hide behind or under, but at the same time one can make use of thorny shrubbery that will act rather as a deterrent than a place to hide. Plant them against your boundary wall or below windows where easy access points might be. For a list of the top five thorny plants you can visit the Grow Wild website.

Shed some light

Make use of clever lighting around your house. This can help to eliminate any dark areas which can make it easy to hide. Using flood lights that work on a sensor adds another element of surpise to uninvited guests. Make sure that all entrance and exit routes are well lit. Criminals do not like to be seen or heard which brings us to the next layer.

Too much noise

Using gravel pathways around your house is another brilliant way to make would be intruders think twice, because whats worse than being heard every step of the way before you can surprise anyone?



Create the illusion that you are home even when you are not by installing timers. Timers can switch lights on and of at certain set times to create the illusion that you are at home. It can even add the element of sound when used to switch a radio on and off.


Bedroom security

To ensure your family’s safety during the night or even in an emergency, install a security gate in your passage or create an enclosure at the bottom or top of you staircase which leads to the bedroom area. This will give you time to alert authorities and at the same time keep you safe. An intruder would not think twice to try and bridge that extra security layer knowing that the sounding of your alarm has alerted the necessary authorities.

So if you would like to be the most difficult target in your neighborhood, the answer is to layer up.

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Bedroom Security

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